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Financial Content Writing

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Want to earn money from the money-related understanding you have?? This is the best place you got! Only having an understanding not gonna make you part of the $2.1 tn industry. You have to be very specific when you write about finance due to following reasons- - Indian audiences are not that well-versed with financial concepts. - There are various SEBI rules and regulations on what you can write and whatnot. - There are certain boundaries fixed by the professionals to keep themselves away from any controversies! All these things have to be considered before writing anything in finance, whether it is for your portfolio or for your clients. This course is gonna super helpful for those- - Who are already into content writing but looking forward to entering finance content writing as well - Those who are into finance now want to enter the content writing space to earn through their financial understanding. Problem you might be facing- - Don’t know where to start - Clients don’t trust you - Don’t know which finance industry to tap - Don’t know about the best source to learn finance - Don’t know how to write for my respective audience. 5 problems 1 solution Understand the target audience This course is all about understanding the finance industry and various sub-niches. Want to grow your money by writing about “how to grow your money through the right investment strategy” Let’s get started!

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