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Financial Content Myths

When we say financial content writing, the first thing that clicked on our minds is that it must be data-centric, not opinionated, specific, related to stocks, macro-economic factors, etc., but only some of them are true.

Also, either a financial content writer or a company hiring a financial content writer faces some myths regarding financial content writing.

Due to those myths, sometimes we all have to go through conflicts that are obviously non-beneficial for both of us, the company and the writer.

Let's bust those myths and work together more efficiently.

Myth 1- It has to be data-centric

No, finance doesn't mean data.

There is some kind of content that needs data for its validation, but there is not any hard and stick rule to be data-centric all the time. Data-centric content depends on the requirement of the client.

There has to be a balance between all the aspects of financial concepts until the company's target audience is relevant.

To gain the overall traffic to a website or a client's personal profile, there must be a balance between data-centric content and conceptual content.

Myth 2- It's finance; it cannot be funny.

Myth 3- Follow the opinion of financial experts only.

Myth 4- Every financial content is a competition.

Myth 5- You should use "heavy" words.

These are some of the myths I have realized during my journey of financial content writing. Is there anything you want to add as a financial content writer or fintech company?

Comment to let everyone know.

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